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"I thought when I got my computer all of my problems would be solved."

"I thought my computer would be able to handle my office communication needs."

At Amtel we have heard these and other similar statements. The following information will detail why our customers praise and love their Amtels and would never think of using anything else.

Message delivery is faster on Amtel.

Message delivery is faster on Amtels than computers. Email is slower.

Amtel Message security.

Email and instant messaging are not secure and can expose you to outside messages, solicitations, viruses and hackers to steal your information.

Amtel does not interrupt what your are doing.

No annoying pop-up screens diverting your attention from what you are doing.

Amtel are running 24/7.

Amtels are always on, always ready to send or receive messages instantly. No down time, no routine off-line diagnostic time.

Amtel messages are deleted without leaving an audit trail.

Deleted emails and IM's are stored on a computers hard drive, the sending computers sent file and the recycle bin.

Amtel office security.

Amtel units have an easily accessible emergency alert key allowing you to notify others that immediate assistance is needed. When setting up the Amtel Network the administrator selects the units to be included to receive the emergency alerts.

Amtel has specific tasks.

Amtels and computers each have very specific tasks to perform.  Amtels function is to provide intra-office communications.  Computers provide data-processing, accounting, internet access and database management organization.  Amtel frees up the computer for it to perform these specific tasks.

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