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Amtel allows you to prioritize incoming calls.
Ability to know who is calling when you are on a phone call or in a meeting.
Silent/visual call announcing. Replaces walk to talk - messages are instantly delivered.
Elimination of telephone-tag and avoidance of costly return phone calls.
Silent/visual visitor announcing.
One-touch phrase responses.
Ability for one receptionist/support person to efficiently handle more than one principal.
Send information to one unit, a group of units or all units on the Amtel network.
Elimination of the pink slip and any delay with delivery of time critical messages.
Store hundreds of messages or reminders until deleted.
Efficient inter-office communication.
Ability to let others know your location at the touch of a button.
Send meeting updates and important information to the entire office easily and quickly.
Send automatic Reminders to anyone at anytime.
Set your own appointments, call-backs or deadlines, using the reminder feature.
One-touch summons to an assistant or colleagues.
Capability to print messages for a hard copy.
Amtels instant delivery allows you to react now to time-critical situations.
Amtel helps you stay on top of things so that you never miss important opportunities.

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