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Patient Announce:

To announce a patient using the Amtel Text communication system, the front desk person utilizes a keyboard located at the front desk. The top two rows of keys can be set up with custom phrases of your choice. This helps minimize typing for the front desk person. In this instance she is going to touch the number one key, which is pre-programmed to tell Dr Jones that his patient is here. The message can be sent either to a single room, to a group of rooms or globally if they do not know where the doctor is. Wherever the doctor is for example he can respond back for example by saying how long he is going to be before he can see that patient. The front desk person can read the response and tell the patient that it is going to be approximately ten minutes. This helps maximize office efficiency and improve patient relations.

Click here to view the Patient Announce Video

Hygiene Check:

The Amtel Text Communication system allows the hygienist to call the doctor for a patient check. She can either ask the doctor to come to the hygiene room or to the lab if she needs to consult with the doctor. The doctor hears the beep and then responds to the hygienist how long he is going to be and then calls for an assistant to dismiss the patient he was with. Once the assistance shows up to dismiss the patient the doctor can then proceed to the hygiene room or to the lab for consultation this helps maximize the doctors chair time.

Click here to view the Hygiene Check Video

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