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Amtel's Text Communication System is easily installed using standard tools.

  • A custom 4-conductor cable is available in either a PVC or Teflon sheathing.
  • Cable is 1/4" in diameter and does not have any connectors on the ends. This allows it to be cut to length, and makes it easy to install in existing construction.
  • Installation of an Amtel network is easy and inexpensive.


The Amtel Text Communication System utilizes a group power supply, which is typically located in an equipment room or closet.

  • The group power supply is used to power up to 14 Amtel units.
  • The group power supply features a 24-volt DC transformer and color-coded terminal strips to connect the power and data conductors.
  • A 4-conductor cable is used to interconnect the units, creating a peer-to-peer network.
  • There are no connectors attached to the cable, which assures an easy and inexpensive installation.

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