The action never stops in today's busy offices. Sometimes phone calls are missed and messages are lost. Now you can take care of these business details - and many others -
more easily than ever before with the Amtel Direct-Line system.

Increase Office Efficiency
Keep everyone informed
Send communications to one unit, a group of units, all units, down the hall or to various floors
Advise others when you are away from your desk and your return
time, as well as your location. (OUT OF OFFICE - BACK AT 1)
Improve Communication
Instant Replies - no waiting for an answer
Send instant detailed confidential messages
Prioritize incoming calls - announce who is calling
and why with very specific details
Handle multiple calls
Increase Business Opportunities
Good communication provides efficient quality time with your customers
Satisfied customers promote repeat business and referrals
Save Time - Time is Valuable
Eliminate "walk to talk" to deliver messages or request a file
Send instant replies at the touch of a button
Rapid private announcements
Protect Your Business
Emergency / Security Alert Key
Password Protect Messages
Network Security
Amtels are not subject to viruses or hacker
Increase Organization
Reminders for meetings, appointments, to perform routine maintenance on office equipment, project deadlines, callbacks
Eliminate paper clutter and lost message slips
Save Money
Increase bottom line savings
Be selective in which long distance calls to take or to return
Customized phrases save time typing
Amtel works 24/7, is value priced and dependable
Eliminate costly telephone tag and seize revenue-generating calls
Built to last - won't need frequent upgrades

Get the Amtel Advantage and find those lost minutes in your day.

AMTEL - for those who insist on the best!

Get the Amtel Advantage.

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