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Improve communications between the bench and administrative staff.
Increase security in the courtroom.
Instant communication delivery allows you to react now to time-critical situations.

Instantly link all departments from the bench or Chambers to the Administrative Offices instantly, silently, and confidentially with secure two-way text communication between users.

Simply enter the information on a keyboard or press a button to easily request notices, court updates and information, or summon staff to the Courtroom quietly and discreetly.

Best of all, announcements and messages are not lost. All messages are date and time stamped and stored until you delete them. Hard copies can be printed for future follow-up using an optional printer.

Amtel applications in the court ...

From the bench or chambers, to the Administrative Office, the Amtel network instantly links all departments. The Amtel System adapts to your requirements as it communicates information quietly, softly and securely.


Additional security using the emergency alert feature. At the touch of a button the Amtel can notify the Sheriff's Department of situations requiring immediate intervention.

The sending unit in the Courtroom is silent, but the receiving units emit an audible two toned alert signal along with a visual text phrase indicating which Courtroom needs assistance.

Request the presence of a Bailiff or Probation Officer.

Request information from the office to be brought to the Courtroom without interrupting proceedings. "BRING IN CALENDAR" "NEED FILE FOR"

In Chambers

Respond to an alert or message at the touch of a button instantly. "PLEASE COME TO CHAMBERS NOW" "PLEASE TAKE A MESSAGE".

Administrative Office

Request notices, files, information or summon staff instantly to the Administrative Office, the Courtroom or any Amtel location in the courthouse, instantly.

Get the Amtel Advantage ...

and Find those lost minutes in your day.


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