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"Amtel is clearly the best communication system out there!"

David Frankel D.M.D.
Decatur, Georgia, Dental Practice

"Weíve become extremely dependent upon our Amtel system. Now that weíre accustomed to its ability to send instant, detailed messages, I canít imagine trying to run our office without our Amtels," said Dr. David Frankel. "Its ability to send instant, detailed messages has greatly reduced the stress level for our entire staff."

Located in Decatur, Georgia, the office of Stein, Frankel and Silverman installed 19 Amtel units when the firm built a new office building to accommodate its growing practice. Dr. Frankel said the staff was not satisfied with the light system they used previously. "Communication with the light system is extremely limited," explains Dr. Frankel. "For example, a light might indicate that you have received a call," he said. "But it canít tell you whoís calling, the nature of the message, or whether itís urgent."

With 12 wall-mount units and seven keyboard units located throughout the spacious office, Dr. Frankel said thereís not a room without an Amtel. "That way, we have immediate access to Amtelís instant communication features wherever we are working."

Amtelís ability to send a clearly written message is just one reason itís superior to the other communication systems available, according to Dr. Frankel. "The preprogrammed message function makes it possible for us to communicate detailed information with the touch of a button," he said. "But the timing feature is also very useful. We dentists use it when we are making impressions, and the hygienists use it for timing fluoride treatments."

Dr. Frankel concludes, "Weíre really glad we chose Amtel. Itís the best office communication system available."

Dentists Praise "Pain-free" Communication System!

Provident Family Dentistry
Novi, Michigan

Who better than a dentist knows the value of something that operates without discomfort!

Ever since completing and moving into a new 4,500 square foot dental facility in suburban Detroit in 1998, the staff of Provident Family Dentistry has been dependent on Amtel Direct-Line communication systems for efficiency and confidentiality. In a busy practice which sees an average of 80 patients daily, the three Provident dentists rely on Amtel for rapid, private announcements and directions to support staff.

Provident Family Dentistry of Novi, Michigan, installed 14 Amtel units with preprogrammed responses, and two Amtel Direct-Line desktop keyboard units in its new offices after researching other options. "Iím happy to say that Amtel has been a pain-free system from the beginning. Some of the other systems are based on color-coding. But Iím color-blind, so that wouldnít have worked for me," laughed Alan Kessler, DDS.

A practicing dentist for the past 26 years, Dr. Kessler and his two partners have organized the message/response system into four groups so practitioners and hygienists receive only communications directed to them. Coordinating with the Amtel team, he has further customized the systemís standard responses with messages and answers specific to Providentís administrative and patient needs.

"The Amtel people have been just great to work with. Thanks to our wall units, we can respond to a message instantly without patients being aware of its content. And with the separate groups weíve created, Iím not interrupted by my partnersí messages, nor are they by mine," Dr. Kessler continued.

"Another benefit is the easy learning curve. Our whole staff picked it up quickly."

"Plus, we have a large facility. With the Amtels, I donít need to go looking for my assistant; I can just hit a button. We have six dental hygienists - and, on occasion, a fourth dentist. Thanks to the Amtels, information is communicated and responded to quickly. And the units are dependable and relatively simple. If I want to change anything, I can usually program it myself, or get prompt help by calling Amtel."

"This is really an excellent product, and I would recommend that any dental facility look into Amtels. Although weíre a sizable practice, I could have used this system to great advantage when I was starting out on my own, too. I just wouldnít have needed 16 units - three would have been fine!" he chuckled, adding. "At first, I was a little hesitant about installing such a system. But now I donít see how we could possibly live without it!"

What a time saver!

Dr. Linas Mastis
March 30 2004

"Iím very proud to be of help for one of the best products in the dental industry! Not to mention an incredible support staff that is guaranteed to exceed even the toughest test of time. Iím looking forward to our office expansion just so I could add 6 more units and have the confidence that communications and office flow is well managed.

Many, many thanks! What a time saver!"

"Amtel offers a superior product with unparalleled customer service. Itís simply the greatest communication system available!"

Dr. Linas Mastis
Michigan Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry
St. Clair Shores, MI

Dr. Linas Mastis and his wife Dr. Raminta Mastis own a flourishing dental practice in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, near Detroit. Their 3700-square-foot facility boasts the latest in high-tech devices throughout -- including 16 Amtel units.

"No other communication system comes close to the Amtel," explained Dr. Mastis. "Itís revolutionary. As our practice has grown, so has the variety of ways we use our Amtels. The system is infinitely expandable, the hardware and wiring easily installed, and the customer service -- phenomenal!"

Due to the tremendous expansion of their practice, Michigan Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry have put that customer service to the test. "Weíve added Amtels each time weíve expanded, and Amtel has customized the system all three times at no additional charge," he explains. "Try calling your phone company with such a request! What amazes me is that the Amtel people donít nickel and dime you after youíve made your initial investment. I havenít experienced this kind of customer support anywhere else without paying a regular maintenance fee," he added.

Making the most of the workday is important in any dental office and, as Dr. Mastis explains, Amtels help the staff maximize productivity. "We send personalized, unobtrusive messages all day long -- informing each other about patient arrivals and requests for assistance -- with no time wasted running to deliver these messages. We have three mobile units to take wherever theyíre needed. Amtel has simplified our lives from one end of the clinic to the other." Receptionist Julie Hardoin said, "Itís so easy to learn and use."

Dr. Mastis echoed her comments, "The documentation is well illustrated, the videos are great and we had no trouble learning how to use our units. By the end of the first day we were all feeling comfortable with the Amtels and by the end of the first week we had discovered a multitude of applications!"

So what applications does the staff find most helpful? Dr. Mastis offers a few examples, "We use our Amtels to communicate with each other in an unobtrusive, immediate, yet personable way. We use the timing feature for curing lights, for bonding agents and for fluoride treatments. We use the reminder system to tell us when to clean our vacuum traps, and it notifies us when warranties expire. We also use the print and label stations regularly. In fact, it seems we discover new uses for our Amtels every day. No other communication system can compare!"

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