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Amtel Systems Corporation, located in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, is the leading company in visual text communication. Amtel has been an invaluable and integral part in the overall efficiency of businesses since 1978. Our easy-to-use desktop, and wall-mounted Amtel units ensure that intra-office communications are handled instantly, easily, quickly, efficiently, and securely, without interruption.

We understand that customers' communication needs have remained the same: how to communicate instantly and clearly with office personnel if they are at the next desk, down the hall, or several floors away. Amtel units provide the solution for busy offices.

We have built our success by focusing on our customers' intra-office communications needs to empower them to communicate in the most efficient way in today's business.

We have developed a reputation of excellence in quality of manufacture, outstanding customer service and state-of-the-art technology. We are proud of and stand by our reputation.

Companies large and small praise the benefits of Amtel units.

At Amtel - we are in business to help your business succeed.

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