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One example: 

Call Screening and Announcing 

You're on a phone call and another call comes in for you.  The person answering the call enters the caller's name and information into their Amtel and sends it to you. 

Immediately, the receiving unit (your unit) beeps softly and discreetly, and displays the caller's information.  You decide the importance of the call and by simply pressing one button, send a complete phrase instructing how you would like the call handled such as:  HAVE THEM HOLD, TAKE A MESSAGE, YOU HANDLE IT PLEASE, or customize the phrases to your specifications. 

Now you are able to capture those important calls and act on them instantly, without requiring you to interrupt a call or meeting in progress. 

Let Amtel streamline your important business communications and simplify your life.

Using Amtel YOU can: 

Have a real person answer the phone.
Silently and confidentially announce phone calls, visitors, and deliver messages to one unit or a group of unit. 
Prioritize incoming calls - know who is calling and why. 
Handle multiple calls and eliminate costly telephone tag easily. 

Amtel provides the personal touch with the ease of a one-touch response.

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