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Amtel vs Light Systems:

Amtel text messages are easy to understand - no cryptic codes to memorize.
Amtel can send specific information that is easy to read.
A doctor can easily respond, at the push of a button displaying how long he/she will be, to a hygienist's request for a patient check. The hygienist can then decide to do a patient education session or start their next patient.
The Amtel text communication system is very easy to use - 15 minutes or less to learn.

Amtel vs the Computer:

Amtel provides privacy. A computer message could potentially pop up on the computer screen where the patient can read the message.
Amtel is a standalone system that allows you multi-task. Amtel communications do not interrupt
or pop up on the computer screen while doing practice management applications, patient billing
or appointment calendars.
Amtels and computers each have very specific tasks to perform. Amtel's function is to provide intra-office communication. The computer function is to provide practice management, appointment scheduling, accounting and patient education applications. Intra-office communications must be a separate system to maximize efficiency.
Amtel systems are programmed with phrases of your choice, which means messages can be responded to and sent instantly with the push of a button.
The Amtel system is always active and intra-office communication is always available. If a
computer crashes, the communication system is lost.
Typically, there are no computer monitors in the lab, sterile center, or staff lounge, so communications are limited.
Because the Amtel unit is sealed to maintain aseptic conditions, you can even
respond while wearing a contaminated glove.

Amtel messages are easily sent at the push of a button and do not require an additional mouse, multiple clicks and drop down menus.

Get the Amtel Advantage.

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